Players Setup

  • (White) Player 1 (starts first)

  • (Black) Player 2


  1. Undo doesn't work when Computer is selected.
  2. As for now, the Computer AI is not that good yet.


Pentago is a two-player abstract strategy game invented by the Swedish company Mindtwister.

The game is played on a 6x6 board divided into four 3x3 sub-boards (or quadrants). Taking turns, the two players place a marble of their colour (either black or white) onto an unoccupied space on the board, and then rotate one of the sub-boards by 90 degrees either clockwise or counter-clockwise. A player wins by getting five of their marbles in a vertical, horizontal or diagonal row (either before or after the sub-board rotation in their move). If all 36 spaces on the board are occupied without a row of five being formed then the game is a draw.

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In short, just place a marble and rotate a sub-board. Form a five-in-a-row and win!


Pentagoo is a simple project to create a Pentago game, written in Javascript.

The features of this game are:

  • Made with Mootools framework
  • Sub-board rotation animation
  • Keyboard control support
  • Undo and history logging
  • Included A.I. (still buggy. Anyone interested to help?)

This game is tested and work on Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer 7, Opera and Safari. AI code is done by Mickael Rouvier.

The project is hosted on Any ideas or opinions can be expressed via the discussion group or via email